The Management of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) regrets the fireincident that affecteda 60MVATransformerat DanAgundiSubstationin Kanoon Thursday, 21stDecember, 2017 at 1.30pm. This caused power supplyconstraintsto some sections of Kanofor two days. However, TCN in collaboration withKano Electricity Distribution CompanyLimited has transferred some of theloads of the affected areas to Dakata substation and the balance to the unaffected60MVATransformerat DanAgundiSubstation. This hassignificantly mitigated theproblem. TCN has also inaugurated a committee to review protection systems of the company’s installations nationwide in order to forestall such ugly incidents in the future.

According toTCN’sGeneral Manager(Public Affairs), acontractorhad commencedinstallation ofthe third 60MVATransformer in the substation to increase the transformer capacity of the station when the fire incidenthappened.  As result of thisdevelopment theManagement directed theRegional General Manager of Kadunato take over the installationof theadditional Transformerfrom the contractorto fast track it.

The General Manager(Public Affairs) added thatTCN is collaborating with Kano State Governmentto removestructures under theKumbotso-DanAgundi132kV line Right of Way (ROW). Once the illegal structures under ROW are cleared, theKumbotso-DanAgundi132kV line would be re-conductoredto increase the capacity of the lineto provide adequate power to the substation at DanAgundi.

TCN intends to upgrade DanAgundiandDakata132kV Substations with additional 100MVA Transformers under NETAP (financed by the World Bank) but for that to happen the two 132kV lines fromKumbotsomust be re-conductored. The installation of the two 100MVA Transformers at DanAgundi andKumbotsoin addition to the completion of New Kano 330kV Substation atRiminZakaraand the completion ofWalalambewill provide the enough redundancy in Kano in line with standard N-1.

The General Manager(Public Affairs) further addedthat thosewho illegally build houses and live under highvoltage transmission power linearenot only riskingtheir livesbut constraining development of critical infrastructure in Kanoand other parts of Nigeria.

TCN wishes to assure the Kano Electricity Distribution Company and its numerous customers that the implementation of Transmission Rehabilitation and Expansion Program would resolve most transmission constraints and TCN intendsto implement it religiously for the development of the nation.


Mrs Ndidi Mbah

General Manager (Public Affairs)

26th December, 2017.

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